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Jillian + Dylan // March 5, 2016

I’m FINALLY getting the chance to post Jillian and Dylan’s wedding photos on my blog! These two got married in March at a romantic ceremony in their church sanctuary. Every detail of their wedding was absolutely perfect, from the monogrammed shirts that the girls wore while getting ready to the way the rooms sparkled during the ceremony and reception from the twinkling lights. Here are some of my absolute favorites from their wedding. You’ll notice that there are a TON from their bride and groom portraits. That is because this couple is just so incredibly photogenic! It was hard to choose which ones I like most. That is a good problem to have, y’all!


Their wedding day started off with each of them getting ready with their closest friends.


Before the ceremony, Jillian did a first look with her sweet father and her almost father-in-law. It was so special seeing them both tear up at how beautiful she was.192196197203234238248257258279

Dylan grinned ear to ear when he saw his bride walk down the aisle in their church, and you knew they were excited to be married when they danced their way out of the sanctuary!289422426427428429432434437439441443445457460461463477496497500509531532538539

I hope you enjoyed!


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