Brittany + Joshua // Engagement

I recently got back into blogging more often, and my first post after doing so was of Brittany and Josh’s wedding photos! Today I thought I would share some of my favorite photos from their engagement session in April at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens. If you’ve never been there, you NEED to visit. Every time I’ve done a photo shoot there I have seen people walking their dogs, having a picnic, or just walking around the property admiring the beautiful flowers and trees. It is one of my favorite places to do engagement sessions.

Here are some of my favorite photos from Brittany and Josh’s engagement shoot! B+JBLOG-2

I absolutely LOVE when my couples bring special props to their engagement session! It makes the shoot so much more personal. B+JBLOG-4B+JBLOG-8B+JBLOG-10B+JBLOG-11B+JBLOG-12B+JBLOG-13B+JBLOG-16B+JBLOG-18B+JBLOG-21B+JBLOG-22B+JBLOG-29B+JBLOG-31B+JBLOG-32B+JBLOG-35B+JBLOG-38B+JBLOG-39B+JBLOG-41B+JBLOG-42B+JBLOG-43B+JBLOG-44B+JBLOG-46B+JBLOG-47B+JBLOG-48B+JBLOG-51

That laugh! B+JBLOG-53B+JBLOG-56

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