Before + After // My Editing Style

Happy Wednesday!

In today’s blog post, I’m sharing something that honestly scares me a little bit! I’ve been doing photography for clients since 2012, and I’ve only recently become comfortable with showing people my “before and after” shots! The first couple of years of my photography career, I had trouble figuring out exactly how to edit my photos to get them to look the way I wanted them to. My editing wasn’t consistent and I couldn’t find my style.

In the last several months, I have been able to figure out exactly what my editing style is. I LOVE light, bright, colorful photos that show happiness and joy. For my black and whites, I prefer a more classic and timeless look, almost like film, and typically edit images that have a lot of emotion in black and white. Today, I have three photos from Kelly and David‘s July wedding to show you and explain exactly how I edited them to fit my style!


This photo was taken inside the church where Kelly and David got married. We had been taking bridal portraits outside when it started to rain, and we hurried indoors before we got too wet. The lighting right inside the church was very dim, and I knew I would have to fix that in post-processing. I didn’t want to bump my ISO up too high because it would cause the photo to be too grainy. I shot the photo below a little underexposed and then brought up the exposure in Lightroom. I made some minor tweaks to the highlights and shadows, cropped it more to my liking, and bam! BRIDAL

After the ceremony, receiving line, and family photos were finished, we had a few moments to take bride and groom portraits at the church before heading to the reception. This old wooden pew caught my eye as soon as I entered the church that morning, and I knew I had to use it for a photo of the bride and groom together! It was lit by only one window to the right, and I KNEW as soon as I took it that I would be putting it in black and white. It just looked so timeless – the two of them sitting there, moments after they had said their vows, sharing a moment in time and a kiss or two.


About halfway through the reception, I went outside with Kelly and David to get a few more bride and groom portraits. There wasn’t much I needed to do to this photo, as it was shot in perfect natural light just a little while before sunset, but I still changed some of the hues and highlights/shadows. BRIDE AND GROOM

I hope to share more before and after shots in the future! Let me know what you think of these. 🙂


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