How I Made My Camera Bag

Happy Saturday! Today I wanted to share with you how I made my own camera bag for under $40! There are some awesome companies out there that make beautiful leather camera bags, but none of them fir into my budget. I would rather use that money to buy a new lens or speedlight, so I decided to make my own camera bag by using a purse from Target and cardboard!

I started by searching online for a faux leather purse that had a flat bottom and was large enough to hold a camera body and around four lenses, as well as batteries, CF + SD cards, and my phone and keys. It also had to have a long and adjustable strap so that I could put the bag over my shoulder.

I found this super cute bag that fit that description at Target for only 39.99! (Buy it for yourself here!) I loved the neutral color, multiple pockets, and size. Plus, it was less than fifty bucks!IMG_0093nowmIMG_0096nowm

The strap that it came with is thin and didn’t feel too good on my shoulder, especially after an eight-hour wedding day, so I sewed on this pad that had come on an older camera bag that I used to use. It looks a little tattered, but it keeps my shoulder super comfortable!IMG_0098nowmOnce it arrived in the mail, I had to figure out how to set up the bag so that my precious equipment would be safe. My mom actually came up with the idea of cutting cardboard to fit the bottom as a base. We then added dividers so that I could fit four lenses and my camera body (and strap) in the main compartment. I typically bring four lenses with me to every shoot: my Canon 35 2.0, Canon 85 1.8, Canon 50mm 1.8, and Canon 24-70 2.8L II. If I am shooting a wedding, I carry additional lenses that I don’t use as often, speedlights, and equipment in a larger bag.IMG_0105nowmIMG_0107nowm

If you’ve done some online shopping lately, you can use the cardboard from the box to make your own dividers and base for your camera bag! It only takes a few minutes and some sturdy tape or a hot glue gun.

If you are a photographer on a budget but still want to carry your most-used equipment in a super cute bag, maybe this is for you! Let me know if you try it. 🙂


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